Episode 9 - Amy Berger’s new book “The Alzheimer’s Antidote”, gluconeogenesis and exogenous ketones

by Break Nutrition | Podcast

Short summary:

In her new book “The Alzheimer’s Antidote”, Amy Berger explains how improving one’s metabolism through a well-formulated low-carb high-fat diet is a worthwhile strategy to manage the disease. We then discuss how ‘excess protein’ is an overblown concern when it comes keeping adequately low blood sugar by not excessively stimulating gluconeogenesis. Lastly, we discuss the right and wrong reasons to sell and use exogenous ketones.

Show notes:

  • We first discuss Amy Berger’s background as a registered dietician, her foray into low-carb with Dr.Atkin’s 1992 weight-loss book and how she transformed her Master’s thesis on Alzheimer’s into an eBook which caught the eye of publishers, eventually turning it into “The Alzheimer’s Antidote”.
  • The significance of disturbed glucose metabolism in brain cells thought to explain much of Alzheimer’s pathology is discussed
  • The inconsistencies and missing observations of the Amyloid Cascade Hypothesis in explaining the pathophysiology of Alzheimer’s diseases is discussed as well as how it may be refined or replaced in the near future
  • The importance of lifestyle factors in preventing and managing this disease is highlighted by referring to Dr.Bredesen’s research
  • Alzheimer’s is often referred to as type 3 diabetes (or diabetes of the brain) since Dr.de la Monte coined the term and why this matters
  • After discussing Alzheimer’s disease, Amy and I talk about how gluconeogenesis is affected by dietary protein, how much is ‘too much’ protein, why fears of excessive protein are nearly always overblown, and how gluconeogenesis is related to the release of fat from fat cells
  • Lastly, Amy and I talk about the right and wrong reasons to use and sell ketones – a subject that is quite controversial within online low-carb/ketogenic groups

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