Episode 35 - Luis Villasenor the founder of KetoGains

by Break Nutrition | Podcast

Show notes:

  • Luis Villasenor’s website is https://ketogains.com/ and his Twitter handle is @KetoGains
  • Raphael asks Luis what he was doing on Reddit a few years back and how it all started there?
  • Raphael highlights the difference between a classical ketogenic diet conceived in the last century and a more modern, mainstream and well-formulated ketogenic diet eschewing refined flours, seed oils and other junk food.
  • Luis explains that Ketogains gives more importance to body recomposition (body fat % and lean muscle mass) rather than weight-loss per se.
  • Raphael asks Luis why, despite the bro-science in the bodybuilding community, many bodybuilders successfully apply good fat-loss science principles?
  • Raphael asks Luis if he’s worked with bodybuilders using a high-carb approach during the ‘cutting’ phase.
  • Raphael asks Luis if he’s worked with bodybuilders using a high-carb approach during the ‘bulking’ phase?
  • Raphael asks Luis if he thinks that protein targets for bodybuilder seeking to bulk are so important than carbohydrate considerations are secondary.
  • Raphael and Luis talk about the relationship between WAT and BAT tissue depending on one’s insulin sensitivity.
  • Raphael and Luis talk about getting DEXA scans in Europe vs the US and how much cheaper they are in the states compared to most other countries.
  • Luis talks about the Skulpt machine to measure body composition
  • Raphael mentions how the psychological aspect of fasting was more interesting and impactful for him than the physical experience.
  • Luis talks about how his thinking and behavior around food improved over the years and how fasting (the concept and pratice) was educational in that regard.
  • Raphael asks Luis if fasting is a big topic in the Ketogains community.
  • Ketogains’ typical clients are middle-aged women seeking to lose fat and Raphael asks Luis what are the typical problematic foods for these women?
  • Luis explains the concept of ‘intelligently investing your food calories’ instead of mindlessly calorie counting; keep your calories for high-quality nutrient dense foods (e.g. meats and vegetables instead of cheese and nuts, let alone junk-food!)
  • Luis mentions being overweight as a kid and ties in how he had to learn to ‘eat more’ (of the right food) in a sitting to stay full for longer periods of time.
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  • Luis eats way more (high-quality) food than most people, yet has a better physique!
  • Raphael asks Luis if he works with clients that eat a carnivorous or highly carnivorous diet. Luis isn’t a fan of such diets because he thinks it’s easier for most people to eat some vegetables to better meet their micronutrient needs.
  • Luis mentions that eating offal, like heart and liver, is a normal practice for many predators such as wolves and humans
  • Luis and Tyler Cartwright have been invited to work on a project with a native-american group to help them improve their nutrition.
  • Raphael asks Luis to explain why he suggests thinking of protein needs in terms of grams rather than percentages, and how this thinking is inherent to the use of the Ketogains Macros Calculator.
  • Raphael asks Luis what he thinks about exogenous ketones.
  • Raphael asks Luis how he uses exogenous ketones around his workouts and what measures he’s used to figure out if they’re of benefit to him or not.
  • Raphael asks Luis if some of his training is highly glycolytic, like a Crossfit WOD, and whether or not he thinks exogenous ketones can help this context?
  • Raphael says that the <30g of pre-workout carbs Luis uses and sometimes recommends to his clients, seems to work more because of them being ergogenic aids rather than their effects on muscle glycogen levels.
  • Check out the Ketogains bootcamps for some excellent coaching! They’re both educational and practical.

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