Episode 18 - Peter Ballerstedt PhD: better nutrition through sustainable agriculture

by Break Nutrition | Podcast

Show notes:

  • Peter gives his academic and professional background.
  • Peter explains how his study of forage agronomy dove-tailed into his interest in nutrition after being faced with a diagnosis of diabetes.
  • Peter defines ruminants.
  • Peter explains how ruminants can reverse desertification, rendering land productive that otherwise cannot grow crops.
  • Peter discusses the ratio of omega-6-to-omega-3 fats in our foods and how different food for cows affect the ratio in their meat
    • Peter explains how absolute quantities of these fats might change our target ratio and that we should focus on reducing high omega-6 vegetable oils before obsessing over the amount of omega-3s in grass-fed vs grain-fed beef.
  • I mention the work on sustainable agriculture done by Allan Savory and Joel Salatin as well as how Robb Wolf is an early evangelist of these modern holistic agricultural techniques.
  • I mentioned an article by Professor Grant and George Henderson which mentions that “according to a 2013 WHO report, farmed ruminants contributed 14.5% to the total greenhouse gas effect, a figure which did not take into account carbon sequestration in pasture (which has not been properly measured yet)” and how it skews our views on the causes of anthropogenic global warming and unfairly vilifies cattle.

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