Episode 17 - Dr.Shawn Baker lifts like a crane and eats like a lion

by Break Nutrition | Podcast

Show notes:

  • Amy Berger’s question “do you think the types of food we consume (and possibly even the amount) affect our nutrient requirements?
    • Comment 1: ”it seems like our requirements would be determined at least in part by the metabolic processes we have going on, and an all-meat diet might depend on particular processes more or less than an omnivorous low-carb diet, or a vegan diet, high-carb, or any other approach”
    • Comment 2: “it seems like whatever was taken into account to develop the minimum nutritional requirements for humans was done in the context of a mixed diet”
  • There’s evidence of humans and Neanderthals eating carnivorous diets
  • Athletic performance is still an open question but a mounting evidence in the form of anecdotes and controlled studies are pointing to a trend where intense efforts are achievable with low-carb to no-carb diets
  • Myths deconstructed regarding poor digestions, the supposed necessity of fiber…
  • We discuss micronutrients needs and how to approach this with the correct burden of proof
    • Sodium is an important mineral
    • Dr.James DiNicolantonio says this about Sodium
      • “you want to stay in positive Magnesium-to-Calcium balance, you most likely need to consume above 2,200 mg (2.2g) of sodium per day, which is the exact opposite of what every nutritional guideline tells us”
      • “you can get the optimal amount (seemingly around 3,000 to 6,000 mg of Na/day) and you can get too much (> 7,000 mg of sodium per day)”
    • The Ketogains Facebook groups indicates you should take in about 5,000 – 7,000 mg of salt per day
    • Gabor Erdosi remarks on salt and poor epidemiological studies. The context in which it has historically been studied is in grain and sugar heavy consuming populations, which casts doubt on the rationale behind James DiNicolantionio’s recommendations

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