Episode 16 - The curious case of Dr. Ted Naiman

by Break Nutrition | Podcast

In this episode I ask Dr.Ted Naiman the following questions:


How should doctors post patient results online and how not to do so?

What’s the biggest misconception doctors have regarding diabetes?

What’s the biggest misconception patients have regarding fat-loss?

Dr.Naiman makes wonderful memes to explain concepts about health and nutrition.

What’s a Protein-Sparing Modified Fast (PSMF)?

Dr.Eric Westman places a lot of emphasis on carbohydrate restriction and very little on carbohydrate quality, obtaining excellent results in his clinic. Where do you sit along that spectrum Dr.Naiman?

Do you work with high-carb low-fat or vegetarian/vegan patients? If so, how?

In what scenario will you prescribe a patient a statin?

In what scenario will you prescribe exogenous ketones?

What are you thought on low-carb high-fat or ketogenic diets with regards sports and muscle hypertrophy? Recently the maximal anabolic response to protein has re-surfaced as a topic of discussion.

How important is sleep? How does it fit into a healthy lifestyle?

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