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At Break Nutrition we slay diet myths, resurrect time-tested principles and keep our views updated with the best that science has to offer. It’s a process.

There’s a lot of material to cover because the world of nutrition is filled with contradictory advice. One day paleo is the hottest diet trend on Google and another it’s vegan or Zone. Soon it’ll be keto (mark my words). Not everyone can learn all the necessary medicine, biochemistry, paleoanthropology and statistics required to sort the good from the bad – even if they wanted to. So how do we go about figuring out what’s true?

Never ignore the evolutionary filter…

First, use the evolutionary filter. The evolutionary filter is simply applying Darwin’s famous idea of natural selection to questions of health. It’s a first line of thinking to filter out bad ideas. For example, if you ask “did we evolve eating chocolate cake?” you obviously get the answer “no”. This tells us that once we study the effect of chocolate cake on the health of people using modern science techniques, we’re very unlikely to conclude that chocolate cake is a health food. But we can never be sure without testing the idea! This brings us to our second step.

A short look at causes vs correlations

Second, use modern science to test questions that pass the evolutionary filter. For example, just because “she eats six times a day and is super skinny” does not mean that you should do what she does to lose fat. Test. Understand that many small meals a day is not “good for your metabolism”. Look for information that tests these questions. And try to perform your own experiment (your N = 1). Like any good hacker, test your bio system.

Modern medicine and especially nutrition typically commit 2 mistakes: they don’t use the evolutionary filter and confuse correlations for causes. If you use the evolutionary filter first and are then careful to draw your conclusions from scientific tests that look beyond simple correlations, you will be well equipped to find answer to health and fitness questions.

Apply the evolutionary filter and the best of modern science when asking

“what should I eat?”

“which supplements should I take?”

“how much should I sleep?”

“how should I exercise?”

At BreakNutrition we’ll help answer those questions and dive into the complex world of body nutrition. From diets myths to daily nutritions tips, our goal is to share our understandable added value for our readers. Stay tuned for our latest blog post and like our page below 🙂

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