Episode 25 – Larry & Kay Lynne Diamond: education is power

Show notes:

  • Larry started LCHF May 2013 lost 45kg (100lbs)
  • Kay Lynne started LCHF lost 32kg (70lbs)
  • I ask Larry and Kay Lynne about how to best teach kids about food and health
    • Kay Lynne explains the social challenge inherent for her daughter given she eats healthily (meat, vegetables, tubers and fruit) instead of the junk-food her classmates eat, but that it’s worth it in the end
  • Larry applauds Richard Branson’s willingness to reject CAFO and improve the quality of life of animals, yet suggests Branson’s veganism is misguided
    • Larry explains this by using the ‘Richard Branson thought experiment’, whereby rearing chickens in pastured fields provides both healthy food, an opportunity for people to come into contact with nature and also a sustainable loop of plants-animals-bacteria capable of maintaining crucial soil health
  • Kay Lynne’s general advice for parents looking to learn more about health and nutrition is to go to Mark’s Daily Apple, Diet Doctor, the Paleo Mom recipes, Tim Noakes’ book ‘Raising Superheroes’
  • Larry kindly mentions enjoying this Break Nutrition podcast series because it’s like listening in on a lively discussions in a sciences graduate student lounge! A wonderful compliment if there ever was one 🙂
  • Larry riffs on the co-evolution of wolves and humans, using it as an example of how we’d do well to ‘mimic nature’ intelligently, making the point that humans and other animals can be in win-win relationships (unlike our current factory farming system)


3 comments On Episode 25 – Larry & Kay Lynne Diamond: education is power

  • Thank you for another excellent episode which reflects my own thinking in so many ways. By the way, were you aware of the Rethinking Cancer conference which took place in France on 21 September at the Institut Gustave Roussy? Some of the foremost cancer researchers were there including Professor Thomas Seyfried, the author of “Cancer as a Metabolic Disease”. I was at the conference with my husband who gave a short talk about his own success fighting oesophageal cancer and Tom Seyfried came over to talk to us during the afternoon break. We made other helpful contacts there, too.

  • Brilliant! As we start our new journey to heal with food, we are so blessed to have people like Larry & Kay Lynne in our corner! Learning more about the power of real food. Thank you! Jennifer & James

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