Episode 17 – Dr.Shawn Baker lifts like a crane and eats like a lion

Show notes:

  • Amy Berger’s question “do you think the types of food we consume (and possibly even the amount) affect our nutrient requirements?
    • Comment 1: ”it seems like our requirements would be determined at least in part by the metabolic processes we have going on, and an all-meat diet might depend on particular processes more or less than an omnivorous low-carb diet, or a vegan diet, high-carb, or any other approach”
    • Comment 2: “it seems like whatever was taken into account to develop the minimum nutritional requirements for humans was done in the context of a mixed diet”
  • There’s evidence of humans and Neanderthals eating carnivorous diets
  • Athletic performance is still an open question but a mounting evidence in the form of anecdotes and controlled studies [1, 2, 3] are pointing to a trend where intense efforts are achievable with low-carb to no-carb diets
  • Myths deconstructed regarding poor digestions, the supposed necessity of fiber…
  • We discuss micronutrients needs and how to approach this with the correct burden of proof
    • In particular Sodium
    • James DiNicolantonio on salt è
    • “you want to stay in POSITIVE Mg/Ca balance you most likely need to consume above 2,200 mg of sodium per day, which is the exact opposite of what every nutritional guideline tells us”
    • “you can get the optimal amount (seemingly around 3,000 to 6,000 mg of Na/day) and you can get too much (> 7,000 mg of sodium per day)”
    • Ketogains on salt è 5,000 – 7,000 mg
    • Gabor Erdosi on salt è poor epidemiological studies and the context of it being studied in grain and sugar heavy consuming populations cast doubt on James DiNicolantionio’s recommendations

2 comments On Episode 17 – Dr.Shawn Baker lifts like a crane and eats like a lion

  • Very interesting stuff!!!

    One thought, if your audio required two mono channels, can you switch the guest speaker to the left. I listen in the car and while your comments are interesting, I would like to better hear the guest : )


    • Hi again JohnD,

      Sorry about the messy audio. I listen to tons of podcast and know how annoying it is to have to deal with poor audio. Strangely, I use the mono setting for myself and still heard an echo this one time, but not others.

      Thanks for your feedback it’s very useful and appreciated.

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