Episode 2 – trafficking fatty acids properly to avoid ectopic fat deposition

In Episode 2 of the BreakNutrition Show we talked about how dysregulated cycling of fat between fat cells, the liver and the fat we eat can lead to obesity, here is the paper:

Downregulation of adipose tissue fatty acid trafficking in obesity: a driver for ectopic fat deposition?

Link: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20943748

5 comments On Episode 2 – trafficking fatty acids properly to avoid ectopic fat deposition

  • Excellent and informative podcasts.
    The body continuously tries to achieve an amazing balance with the outside environment.
    Please continue in future podcasts to discuss the interplay of the gut, fat cells, liver and how they all lead to health issues.

  • I like this format where you take a paper and use the results to elucidate physiological and pathophtsioogical processes. It is beginning to change my understanding of metabolic diseases. It would be useful to finish the podcast by discussing how the learning from the paper can be applied to practical approaches to nutrition, exercise and lifestyle. Keep up the great work guys!

    • Hi Bernie,

      thanks for you kind comments. You’re quite right, Gabor and I weren’t seeing other podcasts using this paper-by-paper analysis so we thought we’d jump on it.

      The practical approaches is a missing piece to these currently technical podcasts. We’re debating whether to have it as an ‘add on’ to the technical ones or if we should have separate ‘mini podcasts’ where it’s entirely lay-friendly. If you think one is better than the other, please let us know 🙂

      Thanks for listening.

  • I would definitely suggest lay-friendly podcasts, because first of all the public needs to hear this information. The more people get ‘bombarded’ with information from *many* different sources about these topics the better. This raises credibility.
    Secondly, if people will start to understand this better, they will learn that maybe the standard guidelines to diet and treatment are in fact dangerous to their health.
    Thirdly, when people will start to understand these things, they will be able to spread this information much faster to their friends and family and general public than if it’s only left to professionals.
    So, I think it’s crucial to inform the public as fast as possible. It could literally save lives. .

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